“Hell is empty and all the Devils are here”

The War of the Words is upon us. William Shakespeare – the most brilliant playwright and poet of the English language. His plays are performed and studied in schools all over the world, his language is magnificent, his plays immortal. But hark! What sulphurous […]

One daren’t even laugh anymore…

Laugh? I thought I’d never start. What’s so funny, you may quite legitimately enquire. There are some who would actively lobby for the prohibition of laughter, especially those who seek to impose their ideology upon the world. The new Gestapo. The brain police are […]

Petit déjeuner a la mer

The sea is cold and green, the vast stretch of beach is deserted, save for a few early morning joggers, only the whispering sigh of the contented waves and the ethereal song of the seagulls swirling around the Fort National to break the silence… […]