Wizards of Oz

The Government

Right. Back to business.

The war of attrition between the government bean counters – who produce nothing of any value – and those who do all the work, create wealth and drive the economy, is now beginning. After the devastation wreaked upon humanity by what many consider was no accident, the bills are piling up for governments around the globe and the hopeless turds that we elect to adminsiter our estate, so to speak, have not a single coherent idea as to how the situation can best be managed. This is mainly due to the fact that the people we elect are despicable morons whose only interest is in themselves, how much money they can make and how they can remain in power. In general, what we end up with is no more than a shedful of Wizards of Oz. Weak, duplicitous, deceitful blowhards who hide behind the curtains, threatening the peasants with all manner of horrors if they don’t do as they are told. So, what’s afoot? I will tell you, dear reader.

The world has changed forever. The pandemic caused by a rogue (almost certainly man-made in China) virus, has left death, devastation and global economic collapse in its wake.The virus itself is responsible only for the deaths, while the devastation and economic collapse are entirely the fault of the useless imbeciles we pay to manage the shop. In short, we have put our trust in people who are incapable of wiping their own arses without getting shit under their finger nails.

Since early 2020 the world has been under siege and people have been forced to barricade themselves indoors, at the behest of the state administrators – aka the government. However, life went on and people – as people always do – adapted and changed and found ways of making things work. They didn’t need any fucker from the government to tell them how to do it because most people are generally more intelligent than elected ministers give them credit for, and certainly more intelligent than any politician. Ministers fear those who are intelligent and capable of independent thought, they prefer supine grass munchers who cower beneath the thwack of the stick and are easily herded. These same state administrators have become adept at the politics of division. This is an amusing game whereby one section of the population suddenly find themselves being thrust into the limelight for being greedy, or selfish or a threat to society just because they are old/young/rich/poor/black/white/foreign/ etc. It works by suggesting that someone is getting a better deal than you, and therefore, is a beastly rotter, an abhorrent abomination and a dirty rat. So we have pensioners being monstered because – after a lifetime of work and service – they have paid off the mortgage, have saved money into pension schemes and are not quite starving to death. Ergo, they have had it all and thus are the nemesis of the weedy millenial tossers who wail and squeal that it’s not fair. In fact, these laughable, weedy creatures wail and squeal about everything…but that’s another story for another day. So, to appease the young upstarts, pensioners must be publically humiliated, a sort of modern day version of the ducking stool or being put in the medieval village stocks and having rotten cabbages lobbed at their greedy old heads. This is their reward for a lifetime of work, contributing much gold to the state coffers by way of tax, (much of which will be pissed up the wall by avaricious, spendthrift politicians on useless vanity projects), the nous to save a bit for their old age and for being of the generation that had to endure post-war hardship, along with inflation and interest rates well into double figures. Yes, they had it all. Bastards!

This same game is played out on a regular basis when the cretins who think they run the place need to divert attention away from whatever their latest shortcomings are – which, in all honesty, is every fucking day. Having thus put the pensioners up for sacrifice to the baying mob of angry villagers, the latest wheeze is to start the blame game against all those who have been working at home during the plague. Note the word: Working. The British Civil Service closed down almost every office during the plague and the civil servants were ordered to work from home. Not a problem as long as the civil servant has a room to work in, electricity and a good internet connection. None of which were supplied, or paid for by the government. OK, so swings and roundabouts. No travel costs, no travel time, no having to listen to all the office wankers yakking about inane old bollocks as you work. The key is flexibility, so the civil servants – and many others in the private sector – flexed and the state kept running. The nation slept peacefully in the sure and certain knowledge that all was well. The same operation was carried out by many companies/organisations and the world didn’t end. In fact, it is probably true to say that some people working from home did more than they would have in an office. Bravo! Meanwhile, the pathetic, drooling ministers ran around like headless chickens telling us that the sky was falling down. Memo to ministers: Cluck off.

Fast forward to the present day and the less temperate ministers – all of whom have been working from home, homes that they claim huge expenses from the taxpayer for – have been busily dividing the nation again, this time the target is the workforce who are working from home – particularly those who work in London. “It is time” they bluster “for the people to return to the office!” And what reason is given for this absolute necessity? It is, in the opinion of the state administrators, “the responsibility of those who work in the city and town to spend money in cafes, restaurants and shops and thus keep those businesses – and the local economy – afloat!” So, if you work in an office and take your own lunch, you are – by definition – a mean bastard, a loathsome cheapskate, a despicable miser and a contemptible moneygrubber who deserves nothing but opprobrium and dishonour heaped upon your ghastly head. How dare you! Go back to work and buy a fucking coffee you unspeakable skinflint!

The divide and divert tactic beloved by duplicitous politicos grinds into action. The newspapers report the story and the baying mob light the torches again. Those who do not work in London rage against those who do and especially those who get London weighting. The work at homers are tarred and feathered on social media by provincial half-wits, gormless farm workers and other rural types who have never ventured further than the local shop. But the diversionary tactic plays factions off against each other whilst the execrable state administrators have a jolly good chuckle at their own sagacity.

Further to this, the odious Tory grandee ( this simply means he’s been an MP for a long time) Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “Civil servants need to get off their backsides and into the office and they need to do it pretty quickly.”

Let me tell you about the repugnant Mr Duncan Smith. Here is a man – and I use the word loosely – who is firmly of the opinion that if he believes something to be true, then it is true. Such as his CV. Smithy, as he is known to his enemies (he has no friends), claimed to have degree from the University of Perugia, a venerable institution founded in 1308 by the pope. This is a complete fabrication, or as those of us who are slightly less temperate would put it: a fucking lie. He went to Universita per Stranieri, which happens to be in Perugia and teaches languages. He didn’t finish any course and gained no accreditation of any kind. He also claimed that he was educated at the Dunchurch College of Management. Another fucking whopper. Dunchurch was a staff college for GEC Marconi for whom Smithy worked as a salesman, although his fantasy CV claimed that he was a Director. Lord Weinstock, who ran GEC for decades says he never met Smithy and that Smithy was never a director. He said: “the idea is preposterous”. Quite so. The preposterous Duncan Smith also bellowed: there should be an end to home working as a ‘default’ as the office is more creative and fosters better mental health”. In which case the revolting Mr Duncan Smith should get his lardy arse into gear and find an office pronto, because it is quite clear that his mental health is in desperate need of attention. To bolster his laughable claim he added: “Managers can’t manage properly, companies aren’t as effective, income goes down – go back to the office.” Smithy – a former Tory party leader who was relieved of the leadership after two years without having fought a general election on the very good grounds that he was an unelectable liability – also suggested London weighting should be scrapped for home workers. ‘If you’re not travelling anywhere you don’t carry any extra cost,’ he said . Mr Smith who, apart from recieving a large unearned salary as an MP, is married to a very wealthy wife to whom he paid a substantial amount of taxpayers’ money for being his “secretary” and lives rent-free in a mansion belonging to his father-in law. Obviously, with such unearned comforts he sees no need to concern himself with reality. So he doesn’t. What a fucking cunt.

N.B. London weighting is an additional premium paid by some companies, institutions and the State, to people who work in London because London is a much more expensive place to work than, say, Portsmouth or Southend. It is not a payment for travelling costs. But the spluttering, bellicose, perjurious imbecile, Duncan Smith, is so short of the vital intelligence synapses that he is completely at a loss to comprehend this. But I digress…

Having now set in motion the latest game of “hate your neighbour” ministers have awarded themselves a summer holiday and disappeared from view, whilst the rest of the nation have many obstacles put in their way to prevent them from travelling abroad. Indeed, Dominic Raab – Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary, one of the great offices of state – was so deeply on holiday when the crisis in Afghanistan unfolded that he couldn’t be bothered to deal with the emergency for two days. When he finally emerged from the bar he refused to acknowledge his failure to recognise the seriousness of the situation. He claimed that his officials hadn’t kept him informed whereupon his officials opened the can of worms that they had collected during the minister’s period in office and poured them all over Raab’s greasy head. It appears that Mr Raab had dismissed Afghanistan as old news and hadn’t even spoken to the Afghan President since he took office. Other tasty worms included the revelation that he didn’t read any of the intelligence reports that warned about the imminent collapse of the Afghan government, delegated most of the important communications to junior officers in the foreign office and that he never contacted the US government to find out what the fuck was going on. I doubt that Raab could point to Afghanistan on a map. I doubt he could point to anywhere on a map, come to that. Mr Raab refused to answer questions as to why he didn’t cut short his holiday to deal with the situation. What a fucking cunt.

So, here we are. Stuck in limbo with a bunch of brainless turds trying to order us about when they can’t even order a ham sandwich for lunch without fucking it up. If you had to rely on cunts like Raab and Duncan Smith to wait at tables you’d die of starvation.

Meanwhile, over the pond in the land of the free, where social media platforms decide what you can and cannot read and whose voice may or may not be heard, old Joe is proving once again that old age in no way impedes his capacity for fucking things up. Ask the Afghans. What a fucking cunt.

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  1. rest assured the hacks here are utilizing the same tactics with a dose of inclusion and crt like toppings on an ice cream dessert. As you’ve so eloquently captured ‘What fucking cunts.’ People are reading to be sure, but afraid to leave comments on how they really feel, as such thoughts will soon be banned by the pc oprichniki.

    1. I think it’s worse than the oprichniki.
      This is the gestapo.
      This is Alone In Berlin, by Hans Fallada.
      Read it and weep.