All the birds


In the misty light of a November afternoon the planet spins slowly towards another day, leaving the sun's light behind. Colours vanish into the ethereal blue of twilight, there is nothing in sight except the birds flocking home to roost. The darkling thrush, the gloaming bird, dark wings in the sky; the chittering chatter of beak and crop the glooming grey light fills. Silence descends across the fields, silence in the air, except for those few winged shadows twittering across my view. November's light is soft and rare, sometimes it evaporates into thin air - we are shadows, we are mist, we are nought but a fading bloom in someone else's garden - we float on the evanescent vapour of our dreams, we disappear into the ether of another day. We fade every day, we fade to grey. We are and will always be someone else's memory.

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  1. Hi, would you mind if I posted one of your texts, with your name and a link to the blog here, on Jabber/XMPP in our poetry/literature room and in our ‘Literature Café 7’?

    1. Hi, yes you can post my text in your poetry/literature room and literature cafe 7, it would be an honour. I’m glad you like what I write.
      Perhaps you can send me a link to these places.
      Thank you.

  2. It’s on ‘Jabber/XMPP’ in our poetry/literature space:
    xmpp:[email protected]?join

    You can find our ‘Literature Café 7′ room with:
    xmpp:[email protected]?join

    Do you know Jabber/XMPP?
    Authors’ readings with live music take place in our Literature Café 7.
    Would you be interested in such things?

      1. Hello, these are ‘Jabber/XMPP’ addresses, if you click on them like this, in the browser only, they do not work, hence the error message.

        With the Jabber/XMPP web client ‘Conversejs’:
        it works.
        You only have to create a free Jabber/XMPP account there _before_.
        Then _there_ enter the addresses.
        The poetry room:
        xmpp:[email protected]?join

        and the ‘Literature Café 7’ room:
        xmpp:[email protected]?join

        Please take the whole address from xmpp: … to? join.

        For Jabber/XMPP there is also an extra programme for Windows/Linux: ‘Gajim’.
        For Android ‘Conversations’.
        There is also one for Apple.

        1. too complicated, it tells me my ip address is not whitelisted, whatever that means.
          So I can’t create an account

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I’m so glad you found some inspiration from the piece.


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