Every Day I have The Blues

Detail of Pieta, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna. Cyanotype.

Every day the world goes a little more insane.

Every day the light gets a little darker.

Every day the intellectual pygmies of political governance bend their weak and feeble knees to the even more intellectually bereft Marxist/Fascist pygmies of intolerance who shout and scream and accuse and hate. Everyone who doesn’t bow to their insane ideology is a ‘phobe or an ‘ist. They – and they alone, it seems – decide what we can and cannot think, what we can utter, what we can dream. How did we get here?

We got here because of Liberal cowardice and appeasement, just as we got to the second world war. “Peace for our time!” said the cringing, patrician Chamberlain, waving his piece of paper like a banner of victory, whilst at the same time writing: “I do wish it might be possible to get the Press to write up Hitler as an apostle of Peace.  It will be terribly shortsighted if this is not done”. So, six years later, this “apostle of peace” had brought about 85 million deaths, a genocide of Jews (which would have been followed by Slavs, Romanies, Catholics, Blacks, Asians and anyone else who didn’t fit the Aryan image), destruction of apocalyptic proportions and the end of Europe, and its culture, as we knew it. It could have been much worse, except that, luckily, Chamberlain died in 1940 and Churchill took over. Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain and Clement Attlee were the epitome of weak, hand-wringing, arse-licking politicians who will do anything to avoid confrontation and hard decisions.

London, 1934 – “Listen Baldwin, the Luftwaffe is going to be bigger than the RAF, we need more planes, now!” “Fuck off Winston, you’re just scaremongering again”

London, 1934 – Mr Clement Attlee, leader of the Labour party, speaks “We want total disarmament!”

London, 22 May, 1935 – “Mr Baldwin, the Luftwaffe has twice as many planes as the RAF”. “Alright, I was wrong, I was completely wrong.”

London, May, 1937 – “Listen Baldwin, the Luftwaffe have got 800 heavy bombers, the RAF have got 48!” “Oh, err…fuck it. I have decided to retire, good luck with Herr Hitler, lads!”

Today’s politicians are following in the footsteps of Attlee, Baldwin, Chamberlain and their ilk. These craven lickspittles would rather sell their children than stand up and fight. They will continually offer to turn the other cheek to the barbarians who want to batter down the gates of civilisation. So the barbarians will gleefully take up their offer and lay their oafish boots upon the exposed arses of the supine politicos. And then they will be presented with the keys to the kingdom by the grateful burghers who will claim victory in the name of such things as diversity, muli-culturalism and brotherly love, not realising that those brothers whose love they seek to embrace, despise them for their weakness. The barbarians will then decapitate the appeasers because weakness is not an attractive quality and leads to cowardice and duplicity, both of which are a threat to the new revolution. Intolerant regimes have no place for liberal values like appeasement. Meanwhile, the ungrateful peasants who raise objections are informed that this is the best deal on offer and that those who refuse to accept the wonderful new deal are enemies of the state and will be relieved of their belongings, smeared with shit and expelled from Utopia.

Where did it all go wrong?

If a dog bites your child, you put it down. You do not give it a second chance because it will bite again. Put it down and immolate the corpse. If you invite someone into your house, you don’t allow them to throw out your furniture and replace it with theirs. You throw them out and man the ramparts, pour boiling oil and mockery upon their heads and beat them mercilessly until nought remains but ashes. Because if you don’t, the ashes will be those of your culture.

But the appeasers will have none of it. They are quite happy to give it all away for a handfull of plastic beads and a vote.

We are in a cultural war with the forces of intolerance and ignorance and we are being forced back to the beaches of Dunkirk. We can only hope that all the Chamberlains are suddenly taken by the Pale Rider and a few Churchills are found instead. But I fear it may be too late. Although old Joe isn’t looking too good and may soon be escorted to The Whispering Glades home for the demented and senile before he can give America to the Chinese.

Every day I have the blues.

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