The blue space

Looking out at the sea between blue and me, the distance becomes infinite space.
The ship sets sail, the distance calls, I watch you gradually vanish into that vast beyond, on the way to another space - somewhere to the north they say, where the air is blue and the snow falls all day. Infinite space between you and me, again. 
Here in this harbour I buy a postcard, a picture of a place I've never seen, from another space I cannot cross, the space between you and me, the deep, deep blue and me.
In the blue twilight of evening, I watch small boats etch white lines across the flat blue sheet of sea, writing letters on the water to some long-lost love in strange acheiropoieton hieroglyphs that soon disperse and disappear - white ink diluted by the quiescent, melancholy ocean, while squawking seagulls soar in spiralling circles on the cool breeze between the blue and blue of sea and sky while the distance to you stretches light into the inescapable invisibility of space...
All is blue.
Above - the sky
Below - the sea
Blue and blue and blue and you and...

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