Cosmic Blues

Ludwig van Beethoven


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of music. Ludwig van Beethoven.

Nine symphonies, each one a profound and magnificent statement of one man’s belief in mankind and nature. Oh, Freude! Oh, Ode to Joy!

But wait…just a whisper, just a Judas kiss: we are betrayed, the legions of Iago bringing falseness and lies disguised. A simple handkerchief, a tissue of lies, the fall of civilisation. The forces of evil are at the gates, demanding an end to the chains of music notation! This enslavement of those who cannot and do not understand. This is nothing less than oppression and supremacy, this baleful scribbling of dots and squiggles. They do not want to study, learning is too hard. “Fuck your white, elitist Euro-centric music, give us a stick and a drum to batter, for we are the new composers and we want the cacophony of the jungle and the sound of an uneducated ruffian shouting about money, rape and murder. This is the music of the group-think generation, brother!”

Imagine a world without Beethoven or Mozart. But it doesn’t have to end this way.

Be a thick bastard, if that’s your pleasure, but don’t rail at the world just because you’re a dummy. You can learn as much as anyone else if you want to. “But that involves effort and reading and shit, effort is too hard, innit? Gimme the gold, show me the money, I ain’t got time for no learnin’ brother, I want it all, and you gotta give it to me.” No. Work hard you fucker, Invest in it and your rewards will be vast and life-long. Or just sit and wait for a handout, a quick wank and a free ticket to everything.

You will never drag me down to the shit you aspire to.

Open your ears to Ludwig van Beethoven, let a tear fall as you listen to the slow movement of the 7th symphony, raise your eyes heavenward to the mighty magnificence of the opening of the 5th piano concerto. Listen to every note he ever wrote, for here is the music of the cosmos. Rejoice!

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!

Be embraced, Millions!
This kiss to all the world!

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    1. The death squad from black hell tried to decapitate Scruton – metaphorically and physically. He is to them what a crucifix and garlic are to vampires, an educated person who knows what he is talking about and has a brilliant intelligence, unafraid of the angry villagers. We need more of him.

    1. Aye, ’tis a thing of greatness, as are many of Wolfgang’s musical wonders. Those pieces where he floats an oboe or clarinet note above the strings, hanging in the air like the smile of an angel, and then it entwines with the melody and they soar away into the ether…
      Fuck me, that was a bit pretentious, n’est pas?

      1. i don’t want to be a shaman priest to a bunch of idiot Cretan villagers with their whiny i can’t change my diaper needs… i’ll take pretentious twattery any day.


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