One daren’t even laugh anymore…

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17 – 22.

Laugh? I thought I’d never start. What’s so funny, you may quite legitimately enquire. There are some who would actively lobby for the prohibition of laughter, especially those who seek to impose their ideology upon the world. The new Gestapo.

The brain police are watching your every move, monitoring every word you say, every intolerant thought that worms its way into your head. You need to be educated. You need to have your wayward independent viewpoint expunged, You need to be indoctrinated into the true way, the only way. You need to be enlightened, my friend. Do not laugh. This is no laughing matter. This is war.

There’s a brand new talk but it’s not very clear, they speak it in their echo chambers but we don’t speak it here. Cancel Culture, it seems, is the new firing squad. Hapless celebrities and other vacuous nonentities who utter the wrong collection of words can suddenly find themselves tarred and feathered by social media. Fuck me, what a laugh! Apparently there is now also something known as the “Disinvite” – is that a real word? “I am disinviting you from my twitter/fuckbook/instagram/groupthink/goonsquad because you don’t agree with everything I agree with”. Every day another grunt from the intolerant minority. George Orwell would piss himself laughing.

There is no room for debate. These fuckers don’t want to debate, they want to impose, they want fascism by any other name. But the new fascists don’t have power, they will never have power by means of the electorate, the plebiscite is not their way of working. No. They are infiltrating their hatred of the individual whilst idiot politicians stand by and watch, bestowing tacit approval because it suits their short-term thinking. Politicians and their creepy advisors think elections are swung by fickle minorities, so they are given the ear while the majority are simply ignored because their vote is already counted. Or so the Bolshevik Labour party believed in the last general election, only to discover that the silent majority, who they treated with disdain and contempt, burned down their house. Bye bye Jeremy Corbyn, you pathetic, anti-semitic, sucker of terrorist cocks. The people spoke but they didn’t speak your language. How we laughed at you. I haven’t laughed so much since Aunt Dolly got her tits caught in the mangle.

Having disposed of one threat to society, we now have to face another from the zombie mob who have been instructed to pull it all down, burn it to the ground and build the new Jerusalem. Or the new Salem, for we are all on trial. We stand accused of what? I’ll fucking tell you what – laughing.

Be under no illusion, the ignorant brainwashed cretins pulling down statues and scribbling inane slogans on every wall and window are only the fruit of the fungi. They are the goonsquad and they’re coming to town, beep – beep. The real coordinating body is hiding deep underground, spreading its toxic mycelium out of sight, spreading, infecting and ultimately decomposing the host upon which it feeds until everything collapses and nothing is left but a pile of dead shit. It is a heterotrophic psychopath. And it doesn’t have a sense of humour because laughter frightens it, especially outright mockery directed at it. Laughter provokes rage in the fungal cells. Pull down every statue, deface every surface, censor every word if you like but you won’t stop me laughing at you. Ha Ha Ha! Cunts.

Meanwhile, among the verdant acres of Hampstead, the snivelling liberal Guardian readers who pay lip service to every so-called oppressed minority, demand that those minorities they claim to support be given precedence for everything from jobs to art gallery exhibitions. The publicly funded BBC is awash with these fuckers and their culturally destructive agenda. Their world-view is coffee-coloured and their ideal culture has the consistency and stench of mud. Every time you turn on the TV the concoction of their slimy agenda is shoved up your arse, like Anusol, designed to relieve you from the nasty itching of the imagined intolerance, bigotry and racism they believe everyone is infected with at birth. White privilege. How amusing it is that almost all these people are, in fact, white and privileged. The irony of it all would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

You’ve got to laugh.


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